Saturday, December 25, 2010

I read a quote in a book-something like-Genius does the impossible-talent does what it can. It would be great to have both. Or either I guess...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Story

If you want to have your very own Christmas story you are going to have to decide who are you in the story.
Are you like Mary, like Joseph, or like Jesus?
(For the record, Jesus probably didn't get any gifts when he was born.)

He gave the greatest gift of all time however, Himself.
That's what we want to be like eventually.
However, we have a better shot of being more like Joseph and Mary...

1) Give yourself to God's purposes for your life.
2) Suffer reproach for Jesus (They had him in a stables. God did this because Mary ahd Jesus in her. If you have Jesus in her things will not go perfectly-You MUST suffer reproach with Jesus (Hebrews 13)
3) Make do with the hand that God deals you...(Hebrews 13) We know that this life is only for a while. We are headed for a better place (Home if we know Jesus.) So, make do...
4) Love your brother(s) and don't forget to entertain strangers. (Hebrews 13:1-2) They were entertaining in the stables stinky shepherds very shortly after Jesus' birth.

You can have a Christmas story like theirs. Decide to today.
Pastor Dan

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheerleading flying vs. lifting

Contrary to popular opinion, I think it is actually more prone to injury to be a lifter than to be a flier. This is because lifters are in the way when fliers start to fall and the good ones do what they can to cushion the blow. When people you are supporting start to fall they can take you down with them and the more committed you are to protecting them the more likely you are to get hurt. Also, the less you are paying attention the more likely both are to get hurt.

Wait for it...Wait for it...

Life is just like that (There it is.) People should be lifting each other up. We should be dependant on one another. When one starts to fall it should be a dangerous moment for all involved. You should care enough to lift and you should know that you are taking a chance in doing so.

This is love that a man lay down his life for his friend.

Fliers can't fly without lifters and lifters wouldn't be what they are without someone to lift. They are interdependent. Now some people develop unhealthy relationships with people because the other person can not stand on their own and they want to feel good about having to help that person on the time. This is called codependency and this is not what I am talking about. We should lift each other up because it is the right thing to do. Considering the concerns of others more than our own....

However, it is somewhat assumed that fliers can stand up on their own and that lifters who lift them would be foolish to hold them high in the air if their abilities did not warrant it. It's better for some folks to keep their feet on the ground. These folks should lift as often as they can.

What's that you say? What if a person isn't a cheerleader? What if they didn't enlist to be a lifter or a flier.

Well, sorry. You were born into the human race and that means you are (or at least you should be) a cheerleader for someone. if you are not, you had better start developing some relationships before you waist too many days. There is no place for selfishness.

Moral of the story: Lift someone today. Don't hold them higher than they want to go. Lift them correctly. Be alert. Be caring. Be ready. If someone you are lifting starts to "fall" be aware you might get hurt.

Understand, that's the way it's supposed to be.

Pastor Dan

Monday, December 13, 2010

UN climate guys want ban H2O

Now, I wouldn't call them kooks and the fact is I can't verify the accuracy of this but it is clearly a warning against letting your fear of that which you do not understand get a hold of you and make you do something stupid. Get aware of what you are doing-he who desires wisdom should pray and God will give it to Him. For the record, I have no idea whether man kind is causing global warming or not. But I do know that this planet has a life span after which God will make a new heaven and a new earth (I'm going there!) Watch and learn.

UN climate kooks want to cripple US economy and ban H2O

Games-Role Playing and Otherwise


I play games. I play all kinds of games. I don't play many video games but I play card games, board games, role playing games, war games and more. And I play them cause I want to not only cause I have three kids in the home.

Games are not evil. That statement will come as a surprise to some of you for one reason or another. Some will say, why would you even have to say that since games are of course not evil. Others will say, well some games are evil. Hear me now, Games are not evil.

Gambling is not evil. Drinking is not evil. Drugs are not evil. I know, I'm probably offending your sensibilities and some who have recovered from strong addictions would want to say that drugs are evil. However, it just isn't so. People are evil and the things they do are sometimes evil actions. However, the things they use to do the actions are not inherently evil.

Evil spirits

The dagger that the evil priest uses for his sacrifices is not inherently evil. Now, be aware that evil can cling to objects and evil spirits are often attracted by the things used for evil acts even long after. However, their target is clearly people not things. So, it's not worth making things that have been used for evil seem light weight.

Games are not evil

That being said, I stick by my above statements about games which may have at times been used for evil, gambling as an over-indulgence as an example, drinking etc.

Role Playing
So, to sum it up. I play games and they are not evil. Even Dungeons and Dragons (TM) which has gotten such a bad wrap, Magic the Gathering (TM) which has a name that sounds wicked, and others like them are not evil. The people that play them who are not Christians are not more evil than any non-Christians. The people who play them who are Christians are Righteous because of the Blood of Christ.

Evil anti-games

So, what about the people who bash them, protest them, burn their kids' game books because they believe their kids are getting into something evil. Sorry, guys but this is evil. I say that because God does not want us to go through life ignorant and acting out of our ignorance but aware and acting out of our awareness. Even over-cautiousness which some people say is the right way to go because we are "trying to be Holy" is a sin against God. We have not been given a Spirit of fear.

If you have ever hurt a person because they innocently played games you should seek forgiveness from God. If you have ever argued with a person about the evil nature of these things without getting real answers you should seek forgiveness from God and them.

Games, Gamers, Gaming

"Gamers" often treat each other with more respect than Christians do. People are often accepted into a group with open arms and welcomed kindly. This doesn't happen in a lot of churches I know. I'm not saying their saved-that happens only in Christ. It is a free gift from Him after which there are works He has set aside for us to do. That being said, we should stop calling these things evil and the people who play them occultists and recognize that we could learn something from them. Ouch.

Games, Gamers, Gaming
Okay, if your a gamer and you're reading this-now it's your turn to be challenged. Gamers often game far to much. They sometimes block out huge chunks of time, especially video gamers (sorry) and just play games. This doesn't make life better for anyone. It's selfish when there are people in the world who are hurting and you could do something about it. Games can be addictive (you know this) and that's not funny. Going to bed with your eyes burning or dreaming about what goes on in the game excessively is not healthy.

Gamers and Junk Food

Oh, and what is with all the junk food? I know. It tastes good, but there is something to be said about self-control. Too much money is sometimes poured into this stuff as well. There is a proper use for wealth. The Bible says it is to give out of your abundance to those who have need. Think about changing your priorities and helping someone out financially and I don't mean by buying them a game. Please consider that your recreation (like any other enjoyable facet of life) may be getting out of control.

What people really need is Christ. He is willing to give himself to you. He is real and He has expectations. Anyone reading this who is not in a Bible Teaching church should get there. While gaming is not evil-Life itself is no game! One day there will be no more chances and we will all stand before God and answer for the works we have done during this life time. At that time you will need a strong advocate and the only advocate that will suffice will be Jesus.

Games, Gamers, and reality

I play games but I know the difference between games and reality (anyone who has a hard time with this should not play games) and I know when to take things seriously. Below is the simple checklist for the most important thing in this life. Do these things...

1 Admit that you have made mistakes. 2 Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for our sins. 3 Ask Him to save you and to lead you for the remainder of your life. 4. Tell someone about your decision. 5. Get in fellowship at a Bible-based church.

Pastor Dan

Monday mornings

Every pastor probably faces the same conundrum for Monday mornings. Because Sundays are our most extreme work day- At least I hope we get pretty worked up and pour out a lot of energy on Sunday-Monday mornings are a tired time.

Just for the record, I don't really believe that Christians should be a sleeping-in kinda' people. Sleeping in isn't a sin unless of course you are supposed to be doing something else while you are snoozing away. So, how do you avoid this? Develop a regular sleep pattern and stick with it. You can control your diet and develop a regular regimen of exercise. Being tired is pretty much a normal state for active people. No one is ever really at their absolute best endurance level. What I'm saying is that sleeping in does not necessarily solve your fatigue problem. While Getting enough sleep at regular structured intervals is important, eating right, proper hydration, and exercise actually remedy the fatigue problem.

Now, where was I. Yes, Monday mornings... I few hours for Sabbath which usually means rest and thinking about how good God is. Often, I include some Bible and certainly meditating on the word. By late morning I am ready to tackle some projects that have been nagging at me-there are always plenty of these-and I'm off to the races again.I do schedule sabbath times throughout the week. I never seem to get a full day sabbath but I do take a one-seventh model into account when planning my schedule. Then I treat these times like they are VERY important.

Praise God for work and rest and the wonderful way they go together like book ends.

What is up with bookends anyway? I gues there was a time when bookends were needed cause people wanted to stand up books on a table rather than putting them on a book shelf. Other than that, what's the point? For a while I had a set of book ends that I really liked and I put them on the ends of my books on my book shelf. Then one day it occurred to me that they were taking up valuable book shelf space. Now, they are gone. Admittedly, the one little boat had broken and the piece had gone missing ... I liked them but not as much as the books themselves. Bookends-go figure...

Pastor Dan

Saturday, December 11, 2010

saturday afternoons

Saturday afternoons are usually fun. I spend a lot of time alone with God finishing up the message for Sunday. I inevitably get a phone call from somebody who is going through a spiritual struggle. My wife takes the kids to do something like shopping or today it's cookie baking and games through New Heights Fellowship.

By the way, Christmas cookies rock!. I could grow a whole 'nother butt if you take my meaning. I say, make 'em year round! I say, make 'em the old fashioned way (whatever that is) and bake lots of love and hard work into them. Of course I am thinking of you making them, not me...

Where was I? Oh, yes, Saturday afternoons. Today, like many I am trying to write a paper for school and finish my sermon and deal with any other details for tomorrow and I am trying to get done in time to have a little fun and relaxation tonight before getting to bed at a reasonable time to be ready for tomorrow.

So, why am I writing this blog right now then? That's a very good question. I'd like to say it's cause I love you just that much but since I don't know you ( I do try to love all people) and I am sincerely thinking that not enough of the people that I love and that say they love me will read this...I guess there really is no reason other than it was what I felt God wanted me to do.

Now, I have...

Be the church!

Pastor Dan

Friday, December 10, 2010

new heights

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Pastro Dan

Places, please...

The art of putting things in their places is a life skill with benefits that can not be denied.

Start by figuring out where something belongs and then do the simple thing: Put it there. Would it be worth it to exert yourself? Sure. In fact, like most things in life, how much you exert yourself should be weighed against the risks and the benefits.
the benefits of putting things in there proper places include but are not limited to:

1) You'll know where to find stuff. Let's face it, the last thing we need is lots more stuff to remember. So, put things in their proper places and then when the time comes they are needed-they will be where you can find them

2) You'll experience less moments of scattered thought and moments of asking yourself what was I doing again? These problems seem common for everyone and they do undermine your confidence. Defeat this wandering problem by knowing where to look and by where you are why you are there.

3) Relationships between things work out better when the things are in their proper place. Relationships between people work out better when people know that the mutually shared understanding between them makes them both/all more productive.

4) Things in their proper place are generally safer and tend to last more than things left lying about. When a thing is something in your way (because it has not been put where it belongs) you may even damage it yourself rather than take the time to move it while you are otherwise occupied or stressed.

St John is not only a name for the apostle who wrote some of the Bible. Also, he discoverd, or innvented, or otherwise earned the right to put his name on a root. It is called St John's Root, not ot be confused with St. John's foot which is not available in pill form (or any other form for that matter.) anyway, St. John's root is a mild mood stabilized, occurs naturally (at pharmacies and health food stores,) and is homeophathic which means you can usually take it without throwing your system into turmoil-Consult your doctor on whether it may interact with any medecines you may have been find yourself taking on a regular basis. That being said, the stuff is amild anti-depresant (the bootle says) and my mood is improved by taking it with my daily vitamins. I am not a doctor and the only thing that gives me the right to suggest anything in the way of vitamins or health choices is.... Well farnkly, I have not right at all but I have already typed it now and my delete key is sooo far away. Do some research and check it out.

Anyway, where was I?

Here's what's interesting: All of these principles apply to non-physical things as well as physical things.

God: Belongs on top, in charge, above everything etc.
Wife: To husband, first place after God.
Husband: To wife, first place after God.
Children: To parents, First place after God and Spouse as long as spouse is not intentionally ignoring God.
Job: Very important, first place after God, Spouse, and children and since provides for family SOMETIMES seems like first place after God for short periods of time.
Mourning: Very important for period of time after significant loss.
Recreation: Not first place but not forgotten.
Physical fitness: Scheduled in and properly emphasized to provide for health.
The YMCA rocks! I especially like the 'C' and the weight room.
Drugs: Prescribed or available without prescription only and a last resort.
Pets: Should be a form of recreation but at the same time require lots of care and attention. be sure you are prepared for the commitment before you surrender to the cuteness (which debatably lasts by the way.)

I could go on but, you can see how we can avoid huge amounts of stress by simply sorting our lives. Just the same as not allowing the walk areas of your home to stay clear causes stress so does not removing the clutter from your emotional, psychological, and Spiritual life.

One guiding principle for all things-Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (I say this is His reign in your life) and all these things will be added unto you.

Pastor Dan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here's a thought. Perhaps someone would have something of a comment with regard to one of the blogs that I am posting. Even a little lol or some form of constructive criticism would be good.

Pastor Dan


Tonight we got all dressed in layers-my kids and I and we went out carolling for New Heights north. We had a very stressful day. There was a certain amount of interpersonal conflict. My book came today which I am supposed to be done reading and have written my paper for Sunday so now I am extremely behind. I had a number of phone calls come in on my cell so many that by the time we left to go to NHN my phone battery was going dead. I had a business snafu that may have cost me the job I was gonna do on Friday (and the people who were working with me and they need the money as much or more than I do.) Dinner was just tv dinners and rushed.

We don't do this all that often cause tv dinners don't have nutrients in large enough quantities to keep people healthy. Sorry TV dinner people...

Anyway, once again things combine to try to keep us from doing what we were supposed to do. I did blow it on reminding some people-don't know if it would really have made any difference. We started carolling at about 6:10 and went to one house before one of the guys who could have been with us. The woman who came to the door was very touched. In fact everyone that we sang for seemed very blessed.

One interesting thing that happened was that people kept letting their kids join us and the kids loved the carolling even though many of them could not read the words and did not sing. Some were rambunctious and we did go back to the community room for hot cocoa and cookies after probably sending home a batch of kids that were hopped up on sugar but hey, sugar burns fast and dies hard so I'm sure it all worked.

In the mean time a brother who has been involved with NHN stayed and played music on his keyboard and sang songs and talked to anyone that came in the community room while we were gone.

Old things that work often still work. Who carols any more. Answer: I do. God can use any act of kindness to touch the heart of someone. We need to be real and that means doing real things as opposed to so many folks who do theoretical things that they never get around to making actual. Old things that work actually usually still work unless there is a specific reason that they won't anymore.

Anyway. despite the struggles we did what we were supposed to do and afterwards we had a fairly peaceful as in less strife, night. I was unable to make a hospital visit in order to spend a little time with my kids which hasn't been happening. My greatest blessing (wife) and my deacon are out of town and I miss having them around (especially my wife!)

Moral of the bloggy (this is like a story but in a blog) Do what God would have you do and take struggles as a sign that you are possibly on the right course. Time will tell for sure.

Further moral: Kids like carolling ( even when they don't know the songs) and older persons like being sung to. Carolling may be an ancient and lost art but it works for me.

Give it a try.

Pastor Dan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attack on pearl harbor

Flying for Jesus

Flags have to held down or they can not fly accept away. To do their duty they must be attached. The force of the wind then strains at their point of attachment. This reminds me of us. We are supposed to represent Christ, to display Him for all the world to see.

The connection point between you and the foundation is the rub. It's the place in which you will experience all your struggles. I'm thinking faith is the place...

incidentally, Grease is the word, was a musical that's been remade expressing something less than Christian values. yeah, it's cure but like a lot of things that isn't enough. The classics aren't so classic sometimes when you look at what they are representing.

Anyway, If faith is the connecting point and the foundation is Christ then whenever the "wind' blows hard your faith may be stretched. Now the foundation is Christ and there can be no other, but if you have doubt as your connection point instead of faith then when the wind blows and your doubt is tested you will likely begin to wonder whether the foundation will hold or if it is actually there at all.

It is. That is how you begin to feel the pressures rather than to fly away. In other words, when things start to get tough for you in acting on Christ's principles that's when you know you have what you have but if doubt is the connection point then you shouldn't bother to think you have anything-cause when the tough gets tough enough you'll just let go and fly.

I like flags. The American flag has 50 stars which is a nice round number and probably an irritation to the people of Puerto Rico who could get the 51st spot, theoretically. It has thirteen stripes-That's not an even number. But, if there's one thing that's for certain it's that you can't go back in time and be "the original" as with the thirteen colonies which I think is what the stripes represent, right?

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. So, what to do. Here it is. Get Jesus-the only foundation-fortunately he is more than willing to give life to any who will accept Him. Then, get stress-stand against the prevailing trends when they are not Godly and cling to the foundation. Third, have faith not doubt as your connecting point. Then, let the wind blow and wave like crazy-but don't let go! be a flying-High flag for Jesus. Formula looks something like this: More wind, More faith, more flying. Don't worry, the wind comes and goes-that's about all that's certain in life in general. The foundation is real and lasts and is able to keep hold of that which I have entrusted to it (HIM.)

Pastor Dan

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jacket Evangelism

I have a Spidey Jacket. I hope that's not copyrighted... Anyway, it was a gift from my Brother-in-law. Kindness always serves God but this was really cool cause now people talk to me about Spidey and I talk to them about Jesus. It sounds almost too easy but it really works. So, my question for you is what could you do to your appearance or the way you carry yourself/dress etc. to get people to notice? What could you do that is not sin or otherwise unethical in any way but that will get people commenting?

Whatever it is, you could do it and then when they notice you could talk to them about Jesus! In a nation where "American" and "Christian" is often thought to be identical what does it say that there are so few of us living for Christ in any radical way.

He was radical alright! He came as an invader into enemy territory.

Anyway, do something that gets people's attention and then when you have it-say-Can I talk to you about Jesus.

Some people's life, possibly even yours is depending on it.

Pastor Dan
Socks are a valuable piece of attire that enhances your clothing's R value. Also, good for sweat drainage during the opposite parts of the year.


Dentists are good for teeth (I think) but not good for wallets, purses, stress levels, or egos.

Busses on the fly

Let me tell you something about public transportation. By and Large, the whole bussing thing is one of the smartest ideas and often very poorly implemented. The purpose of the bus is to get people from one place to another without all of them having to fend for themselves. In principle, this is a a great concept.

However, it would appear that many bus drivers have less than conscientious concern for their waiting passengers. Apologies to any bus driver out there that is concerned for the welfare and comfort of their passengers and potential passengers...

Let me illustrate. I once got on a bus in another American city. At first, I was thinking, well we'll see how long this takes and whether this was a good choice or not. Within seconds, the wild-eyed looks of the other passengers had alerted me to some form of difficulty. Then it hit me. "It" was gravity.

The bus driver, again not in Toledo, was speeding from stop to stop, from red light to red light, taking turns at 2 G's and on one-side wheels only. I got to say that I was more than a little bit concerned. It was funny but at the same time, not so much so. He sped from stop to stop overcoming every obstacle and leaving behind waiting passengers who couldn't make it to the blurringly quick door openings and closings. I thought, at that time, how fortunate they were.

The movie "Speed," is a good movie by the way, not so much the sequel, but the first movie-really enjoyed it. Funny, pretty girl drives bus at high speeds due to bomb installed while handsome man risks life to save heroic passengers and to romance girl on the side. Very neat. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, light speed bus ride. Finally, our bus driver, who was a guy, thought I'd add that for all those sexists out there... Anyway, this guy, finally screeches to a hault at one of the bus stops in front of a gas station.

By the way, Speedway gas station rewards program is good and they have good frozen slushies although you get enough to make you sick for a very decent price and while a buck or so is good for a shlushie it is not good for a tummy-ache. Coincidentally, they sell gas.

Anyway, this guy loads two passengers who were very quick to jump aboard the death bus with us. My friends and I are thinking whether we can get off, we have no idea where we would be and how to get to our destination but just as our conversation reaches the point of planning the bus driver beats us to the punch line.

He jumps off the bus and runs across a small field and into the bath room. No sign of him for ninety seconds or so while the stunned passengers wait and wonder. Then, here he comes running back into the bus and jumps in his seat without so much as a, "When ya' gotta' go ya' gotta go."

I'm thinking, "When you have to go, you have to go." I'm thinking, "Now maybe things will slow down a little bit." But, no, evidently the little break cost too much time and the rest of the ride is insane as well. Until, we catch up to a bus in front of us who is evidently running behind schedule. Our bus tailgates the other bus until we arrive at our stop which we are lickety-split to exit cause otherwise we fear we will be trapped on the bus. No kidding, one of my friends had to fight the door cause he was next to the last and his wife was last and they were almost forever separated by the door and the impended speeding off of the bus. His heroism and consideration went unnoticed I think by anyone but me, but as a reward he kept his wife.

The bus ride back to the university where we were staying was calmer but after that we drove down town and paid to park. Personal safety should be a factor in any buying decision.

I have watched a bus speed by as school children race to be noticed. I think the whole thing is an analogy for life. People are constantly being left behind and their needs dismissed because the person who is supposed to be in a position to help them is focused on the next milestone.

Here's a thought, "Let nothing be done out of Selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself." Consider that whatever it is that you have opportunity to do in this life will affect passengers at every stop, during every changed of direction, and maybe just plain always. So, make your route a good one (read considerate) and take it aggressively but be considerate of others. You'll get wherever He wants you to get and you may just help someone else get there too.

Pastor Dan

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Veggie Tales Rock!

Veggie Tales is a Christian parent's best Friend. Despite several vicious rumors that I have heard, watching dancing, singing vegetables does not adversely affect a child's appetite for their greens any more than seeings talking fast food characters chases kids away from junk food. Hmmm. Anyway, my kids eat veggies and love the movies.

I definitely recommend them over many cartoons that contain no valuable Christian messages. No, the guys who make these shows are not paying me a royalty but if they wanted to I would let them-cause I like them-cause they make stuff that makes my kids better-anyway, I'm babbling now.

The moral is if you see dancing and singing vegetables you'll be a better person-no wait, that's not right.

The moral is garbage in garbage out. What your kids watch is to some extent what they will be-not that they will be edible if they watch veggie tales. Oh, for crying out loud!

I thought this blogging thing was gonna' be easier than this. Anyway, let your kids watch good Godly programing and try to restrain their appetite for the junk that most people think is okay and in the end you'll be better off for it.

That's what Philippians 4 seems to say.

Pastor Dan
I am still buzzing from todays Sermon! God is so good and He is the wielder of Resurrection power!
Pastor Dan

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lasting impressions

Some things really stick in your mind. pictures of things that you wish you'd never seen, Pain from lost loved ones, betrayals from loved ones who you thought you could trust. I could go on but I think you get the point.

What are the good things in life? They are the things that last. It occurs to me that people last, money doesn't. Even memories last longer than thrills.

Being a good citizen has its merit. Tonight I got pulled over on the way to take my broken down project car to the shop to see if it's fixable. The plates were expired cause the mechanic allegedly killed his girlfriend or something and I couldn't get the car back-didn't now if I ever would. Anyway, the plates were expired but I didn't get a ticket cause by and large I'm the good guy-I guess. Also, at the dinner, I ate near to last and my food was not only still hot, it tasted Soo good.

How do you want to be remembered? I get now that I am crazy by the world's standards and I hope it always remains that way. We have dreams and we are not sure if we are getting any closer to them or not but at the same time we continue to give at the absolute limit of our means to people who maybe need IT more than we do. That'll probably never come back in this life time. I don't care.

God is eternal and nothing I do in my own strength will make that grade. Philippians 3-I guess we'll keep pressing on toward the mark. Man, do I know I'm not there. I can't imagine what that would be like.

Sledge hammer on a nail-We think God's gonna fix our problems.
Deed-We think ownership makes us something special...
Works-We tell everyone learn from their mistakes thinking that what works will continue to serve our purposes again and again but it isn't so.
Ends- We think the ends justify the means and anything that can bring an actual end has some form of merit and/or utilitarian power at least...

The truth is that real power starts when all other power ends. When death equals life the "Deep Magic" has shown itself and even the laws of life and death have been rewritten. Now, that's power.

Somethings in life make a lasting impression-They really stick in your mind, Ya know?
Yeah, that'll do it.

Go ye therefore and live anew. You can. IN Him, you can.

Pastor Daniel Stevenson

Power is His

Purpose, Plan, Promise, and Power.

These four things are so strongly interrelated in God that there is little telling them apart. God's purpose and His plan always align perfectly and this only breaks down where man's free will is concerned. God's promises remain sound and will be ultimately fulfilled regardless of what we see before us today.

So many promises of God have already been fulfilled that there is little room left for doubt. But some still doubt and that has to do with God preserving mans free will.

The real power is when the doubt is out! When there is no doubt then God is free to act out his perfect will in us. This is called being reborn. I know, I know, I sound like I am saying that if a person would stop doubting that they could do and be anything.

First of all, that's not true. they could do and be anything that God saw fit to make them be and do-That of course is true! Secondly, doubt is a real stumbling block and necessary to some extent; it preserves free will. Even when we think we believe without doubting, sometimes we doubt whether the outcome we desire is the outcome that God desires.

It is hard, if not impossible for us to know the PERFECT will of God because His way are so far above our ways. POWER -like being powerful- belongs to God. Even when God sees fit to exhibit His power is us we must realize that it is not us who owns the power.

This brings us to humility as a way of life. Indeed, dying to self and striving to be Christ-like as a way of life. Jesus would say, " Aha, now you are beginning to get the idea..."

See ya Sunday

Pastor Daniel R. Stevenson