Sunday, June 7, 2015

Awesome Sundays

The bottom line is, if God shows up, it's going to be a great day. I feel like God shows up at New Heights every Sunday. That pleases me very much. We may have our difficulties and sometimes we have to figure out how to get through but we always do.

Those who won't quit have this going for them- they won't quit. Steadfast they stand... Fusional, they walk, we walk together. Our church needs to grow and she will add the Lord sees fit and we are wide open to new people joining us.

The people that are with us now, that are us, are so very committed to doing the work of the Lord and to hearing from the Lord and as He sees fit serving the Lord. Together He will allow us to Change the world!

Pastor Dan Stevenson
New Heights Toledo

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Book signing

So I went to the book signing in Akron at the nervous dog. It was awesome. Not because I sold a bunch of books. I did not. Not because I met a bunch of people. I met some but not a lot really. It was awesome because I met one really cool young lady. Lindsay was her name. She's ex army. She works at the mall now. More importantly Good sent her to the coffee shop today for a divine appointment with me.

We had a long talk and she wants to start living out her faith now the way she committed to when she was twelve. I encouraged her to find a church home and to live unleashed for Christ. She committed to try.

That one decision, that one commitment made the effort worthwhile. A few people committed to buy the book which is now available electronically. But Lindsay's bold acceptance of and Commitment to live out the truth meant much more. Praise God for another day serving and another day here for Him. Another victory for Jesus!

Pastor Dan
New Heights Fellowship Toledo

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