Saturday, August 30, 2008

getting started...

I don't really know why I am creating this blog other than that it is what I think God wants me to do. My sermon for tomorrow is ready mostly thanks to the fact that my three year old started pre-school this week and freed up a few more hours.

The empty house was an odd feeling. It's a time of refocusing for me. Our Thursday night Bible study group is on week four of the master life material (R) and we just got done talking about time management for Christ. Wow, what a concept, that God wants us to make the best of our time here on earth.

I've always used time management tools of some sort and yet I've always felt that my priorities were sometimes adrift-so to speak. I mean, I try to live for Christ in all that I am and do and all that but sometimes I have felt like I'm not gettin' it done, ya know?

Any way, I'm on day two of making my to do list (I've always done this it seems) and bathing it in prayer-specific prayer to determine God's desires for my day (this is the new part.) Seems to be working out great. Check this: I'm blogging-God's idea, not mine.

My studies at Liberty seminary on-line are almost caught up and I'm still waiting on the book that got lost in the mail or was never shipped or whatever-sometime when you save money on books via online merchants it actually winds up costing you something.

Tonight, I'm going to go to a new church member's home to play a game called champions. It's a role playing game where the players role play heroes. I've been doing this for about four months-since they began coming to New Heights and invited me. This kind of thing is a ministry of New Heights as we seek out gamers and try to win them to Christ. I'll say more about this another time. This is a hobby I have off and on been engaged in for about twenty-five years. It does me good to turn the thing into something that can honor God.

Next Saturday we are planning a back to school bash at the church where we will have a block party (free everything) and give away school supplies to anyone who comes and says they would like some. We will tell people the simple truth about Christ and see what they say. I know it seems simple but methods like these have been working...

47 people made decisions for Christ through New Heights ministries in the last three months! Really, God has done it all and we are just fortunate to be involved.

I am concerned to see what God is going to do in 2009. It could be we will lose some of our financial support and we would like to find additional churches to sponsor the work-All you Christians who read this could pray about that for me. We want to see God mend this community. Actually, to turn this community on its ear! To do that we have to have churches serving faithfully like New Heights and living out a Biblical model of what a church is suposed to be.

I gotta say, I'm pretty down on a lot of "churches" who do not appear to be "thinking Crazy 4 Christ." What is it gonna' take to get people to realize that we can live for Him and that just getting by day to day does not even come close to living the abundant life that He intends. Now, I know that some people go on station keeping because they don't know any better. It's time now. Right now. It's time to show this world what a fully operational battlestar (Compliments to George) for Jesus Christ can do.

We will reach New Heights! Indeed, we have and we are still on the move. Think Crazy 4 Christ!