Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuck in my head

Sunny day after a lot of rain:

Young Woman on blue bike with hairy dog on long leash, standing in big, wet puddle drinking with long, pink tongue

Pastor Dan Stevenson



Everyone left me. My wife is traveling today. She has to go to a very tough property. I'm a little concerned. My daughter got up and made the bus this morning. I'm happy she did cause we used to have trouble with this and you never know when such things are gonna pop back up. My boys got up when called and got ready no problem. Now, I'm planning my day and blogging-cause I love you guys that much.


It's a work day. There is much to be done. There is no bed of roses. There is no time to waste. Time is a valuable commodity which God hands over in little bits as He keeps all the rest. When He stops it'll be gone.


My days are numbered. I hope it's a pretty big number but when it comes up.I'm Gone.


I'd like to say more but other than a short haiku that I'll write in another entry-I'm gone.

Pastor Dan Stevenson

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Your eyes are tired and dry. Your neck is stiff or your back is sore. You have had enough but life goes on. You fall asleep when someone is talking to you. Your eyes drift shut but a second later you are wide awake and you feel fine. It's fatigue.

Maybe you've pushed yourself too far. Maybe you've burnt your candle at both ends. A few late nights, a few too many early mornings and your fatigued. But that's not the only way.


TV fatigues the mind as the screen continually refreshes to mimic the actual movement of real life. (Watching TV is not rest.) Emotional moments fatigue a person psychologically. The brain creates chemicals and chemical byproducts of emotions build up so that only rest will free the brain for proper balance.


Water is used in virtually every process of the body and tons of people (I think maybe almost all ordinary people) are struggling under the effects of dehydration. I even think that sometime when people's body are calling out for water they eat (resulting in all sorts of other problems.) Hydration makes health and strength possible. Drink more water (nope-more than that.)


Good health is the antithesis of Fatigue. Sure, we will still get tired but not so much fatigued. Exercise, hydration, proper nutrition, periods of peace, and Sabbath are the solution. I say that knowing that I sometimes fail in these areas. In fact I am fatigued this morning after a long weekend and missing my Sabbath yesterday due to an emergency.

Peace. No God? No Peace. I'm not stirring up trouble. Realizing that living without the one you were created to relate to is fatiguing is absolutely necessary. Dodging that reality has become a pass time for some. They work very hard at it even finding substitutes for as long as they hold out. Sounds Fatiguing doesn't it?

Sabbath: Sabbath is the time set apart to reflect on God, yourself, and especially your relationship to God. Leave God out, scripture out, or reflection out and you are not having Sabbath. Rest is good but Sabbath is the God given answer to fatigue.

So, you tell me? Should the TV be on during Sabbath? Should read a good book? Should you sleep it away? I think, no. I think you can incorporate these things in small amounts but the Bible, you, and quiet are the principle ingredients. One more thing ,the ratio is 1/7th. The Bible teaches that you need to take the equivalent of one entire day every week. This is not complete rest. It is as described above...

Lord help us. We have become a nation that has forgotten this most important principle.

and the result?


Pastor Dan Stevenson

God's care

To God be the glory!

What an awesome weekend we had! God gave us the weather we prayed for and people turned out. Thank you thank you Thank you!

We had tons of volunteers and lots of friends and family come to give glory to God through the march of the crosses and the free block party following. I've actually never seen anything quite like it.

The mission team from little flock was awesome and they not only worked hard but gave all glory to GOD!

Several persons gave their lives to Christ. We served 500 hot dogs, approximately a thousand sticks of cotton candy, several hundred sno cones, and gave away lots of door prizes (love in tangible form.) This was all for the glory of God. Think about the service hours and the kindness and gentleness of those were there for no other reason than to give of themselves. Go God!

Pastor Dan

Friday, April 22, 2011

Two boys two rooms

I've got a six year old and a nine year old. They are both incredibly smart and I'm not jsut saying that cause I'm biased. They read very well (well above their age level0 and they use words like evidently and superficial. They msut have gotten it from their mother-cause she is really smart to-She knew I needed her before I did.

Anyway, lately I have noticed how they have been acting out the scripture which says steele shapens steele. When they are together they spiral up and up until things are out of control. It's the effect they have on one another. They are always trying to one-up or escalate to the next higher stopping point like in a lunch room full of children all trying to shout over one another. Except, there are only two of them...

So, today they are grounded from being in the same room for any length of time. I thought it was fitting. They don't like it. We let dinner and the car slide but they have their computers in the same room and so can not both play computer or watch tv or play with their little nephew at the same time. It seems to have gotten their attention. Perhaps they will learn to appreciate one another more. Then again, maybe not.

Thank God I'm not really the one in charge here.

Thank God He is.

Pastor Dan Stevenson
In 16 hours we march!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

It's about to begin. It's almost time. Butterflies in the stomach...Cotton in the mouth or sweaty palms or both. It's almost my turn. She's looking at me. What will the answer be?

When many things are about to be revealed or many things are about to connect or just one thing that you can't stop thinking about is on the verge of unleashing its effect in your life...

Sometimes this eerie calm sets in. "The Calm Before the Storm."

The fact is there is nothing left to do. You can not now change the outcome. Only prayer and silence before the already determined effect of the unveiling is left to you.

The calm before the storm.

But we see only what our eyes let us see. We forget that there are so many more things that we do not understand. We think in linear time. We might even contemplate whether we can squeeze in one more thing before the climax. We decide no. We decide there is no time left and we are left with the anticipation alone.

The storm.

We perceive that it is not yet. We perceive that it is coming. It will be here any second. We become fixated on the thing and its ramifications. We wonder, what will become of me after this? Or do we? We wonder, Will I service this? We begin to think-I mean even when it's just will the answer be yes or no-we begin to think that if this thing does not go the way we want we will not live on after. Of course, that may actually be true where real danger exists. As in, the calm before the battle begins for a soldier. On the other hand, in most cases, we will survive this too. In fact, in most cases, we have already survived worse than the worst this situation could deal to us.

So, is it the storm that is worse or the anticipation of it.

The mind.

The mind is a powerful thing. We do not use it. Let's face it. We don't even memorize any more. Or even remember well. We can't calculate like used to be necessary. Smaller computers turned out to mean smaller intellects. Or at least less use and if your brain is like a muscle it atrophies from lack of use...

But the mind unleashed is a powerful thing and it can unleash itself at times. your mind can unleash itself on you.

So then, is the storm the event? Is it the anticipation of the event or is it the unleashing of an un-utilized ability to anticipate the event and its ramifications.

Coming events:

Saturday Cross March and festival: This will bring glory to God if we just do as we are supposed to do. My mind wants to wrestle control away from me and away from God to think about all the ramifications. I will not allow it. I submit myself to God. i submit my mind to God.

Jesus' return. If it is soon- I will not see my kids grow up. I will not see my grand kids grow up. if it is soon my friend will be eternally separated from God and me. We will not play together in heaven because he does not accept that God could save us this way or indeed that God cares. It seems that some believe that if it were soon they would do more or be better prepared. If they new it was soon. Tare down the billboards Mr. Billionaire-God said no one may know the time or the season of Jesus Return accept the father Himself. Hopefully he's got enough millions he won't sue me for that-hmmm.

NOW is the calm which I say is actually the storm. Jesus is coming. When? I don't know and I don't have time to waste on letting my mind go crazy about that. I want to be found serving Him when He does come. Perfect love casts out all fear. 1J4:18


As for delaying while I wait for the ramifications or contemplate the outcome to try to calculate at exactly what second things will go down. No.

As for busily anticipating His return without being about the things that He has commanded. No.

As for ignoring the potential immanence of the unfolding of these events. No.

As for me and my house-We will serve the Lord-A different J.

Alfred Lord Tennision said, I must lose myself in action lest I wither in despair.

The storm is not the storm. The calm before "the storm" is the Storm. Get uncalm.

Pastor Dan Stevenson

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cross walk

The day before Easter we are planning a big event. Please pray with us that we have good weather. We are marching a variety of crosses down Main Street regardless of weather but we are hoping to have a large free block party open to the community. We have an ad running in the Blade and the Suburban Press. We are hoping to attract some attention but there is no alterior motive-everything is free-WE do hope to tell people why we are doing this. Because we love God and God loves them. Invite people to our event, please... Pastor Dan

web sites

Internet It amazes me this thing we call the internet. People are sending thought electonically-Sometimes it'sn like telepathy through a machine. Then they are charging for the services and using the services to sell the services. Website Today I had to relist the church website cause the people who were hosting it for free (as part of a business membership's fringe benefits stopped doing so. So, I waited on hold for three separate times for a representative who then put me on and off of hold while ordering someone in some little lab somewhere to put my website info over onto their server. So, now we have to pay them for what was free (though we will likely now be cancelling the business membership which was not free.) Anyway, we wanted to be able to keep people who use web sites to keep informed so we were 'over-a-barrel' so to speak. There will be no interruption of service and there will be no recognizable difference to our website users. It'll just be stored in some other computer somewhere. So be it. Pastor Dan Stevenson

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Recently, my wife and I traveled to Atlanta. We found some interesting and unexpected things. Traffic: The traffic in Atlanta is unbelievable. They have lots of roads and apparently live mostly on them. We crossed the city and it took 2 1/2 hours. We were frazzled just by the number of stops and ammount of time spent. When we arrived a trusted source commented that our time was actually a good one. This throng of humanity survives out of courtesy for one another and a willingness to exist under adverse circumstances. The government appears to have done a great deal to make possible the masses of traffic. Business are amply spread and there is a lot of preserved green. Three to four lane highways are the norm. People stopped to let us into traffic. There is a new and undestandable movement to put everything that one needs in one general local-like the mega-blocks from Judge Dredd(TM). you live, eat, play, and work all in one general local-your neighborhood becomes "the block." It's cool, but it certainly breeds a different mind-set. I guess I'm spoiled, thinking I can get in the car and drive to where I am going and have a reasonable expectation of getting there between bathroom trips. Anyway, we would still have taken the offered jobs and moved there if that is what we felt the Lord wanted. However, it appears that God has other plans right now. So, thank you for your prayers, or if you knew nothing about the offers-sorry to spring it on you-and we'll be staying here for now. I did get to reunite with a friend and to make at least one new one. I wish I would have had more time but we all must get back to serving the Lord... I have no idea how long God will keep us here serving on this field. It looks like for a while anyway. I hate that it means at least for now Sherri has to continue to travel way more than I would like. God Bless Dom. Corp They have been good to us. In turn God has been good to them. It works that way, ya' know? Genesis 12-Them which take care of us-God will take care of. You ain't seen nothin' yet! Pastor Dan Stevenson