Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Alignment and Making a Difference

Clarity Consider that sometimes, indeed often, it is hard to move forward with clarity. We move forward whether we like it or not. We do what we have to to get through another day. We eat and bathe and whatever is called for. That's cool. It's necessary and there's really not much of an alternative. However, we do what we do simply because we do. Alignment God wants to align our do with our be. We are, as they say, Human beings, not human doings. The basic thought is this. If we are driven by the events that compose a given day we become reactionary. God promises something considerably more potent and real. He asks us to become worshippers in Spirit and Truth. When we do we become something more than driven by time and passage of events. Eternal and an heir to all the universe, the Lord makes us able to proactively walk. To change the world toward God's will. To MAKE a difference rather than to be made by a difference. Making A Difference You were made to be something more. Jesus new this. He new it and wanted us to know it. It's part of the mystery that men needed to know and were restrained from seeing clearly until Jesus paid the ultimate price with His life. Now it's done and we are enabled to see and act accordingly. Now, those who ignore this are without excuse. Accept Christ, begin to live for the Lord and never look back because the Kingdom of God has come on earth for those who believe and receive. Salvation is This.