Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, Here's me philosphizing: I think inner space is just as large maybe larger than outer space.

Have you heard the theory that maybe space is not actually empty. That it is actually filled with some form of matter that we don't understand yet?

God is big
Anyway, think about it. If God is bigger, His Spirit, Himself etc. If He is bigger than the universe adn while it might occurr a romantic notion I think it could be solid. Then, If God is bigger than the universe then how does He fit inside us?

No Substitute
Those who have tried to fill the hole inside them with addictive materials or with deceptive behavior or with pornography (which I guess fits with addictive materials.) Those who have tried to fill the hole inside them by any of these means begin to realize just how big the hole is.

If we were made for a right relationship with God.

Oh wait, on the God is as big as the universe thing-If God is everywhere at once (an He is) then He is as big as the universe right? yet He fits inside us. Though technically fits is not the right word since He is actually present inside everyone who has accepted the Truth at the same time.

Hmmm that's interesting.

Spiritual warfare
The Bible talks about spiritual warfare as if it is another realm that exists within and all around us all the time. Then things we do can affect this realm by activating certain pathways for demons and evil spirits to move and affect us. Our Spiritual armor none of which is actual metal or leather armor is useful for the spiritual battle that is going on and we are wrapped up in.

Whether we like it or not we are wrapped up in it.

Many things are not what they would appear. So, do we sit around in fear wondering whether he or she will do as we please. No. Take your eyes, your expectations and your needs out of the hands of those in the world and trust only God.

Pastor Daniel Stevenson


Block party
Volume one issue one of More Heights, the newlsetter for New Heights Church planting came out Monday. It had seven articles on various topics, some question and answer, and a few paragraphs on history. One of the articles talked about the upcoming block party this Saturday at New Heights. We'll be celebrating hte near end of school for the year and the beginning of summer starting at 12 and ending at about 3. All are welcome, as usual everything will be free, and the gospel will be the main focus.

Bill Lee, April Mcquire and I were out for a while yesterday delivering copies of the newsletter to people who expressed an interest at the crosswalk. We've got quite a list of people, we do.

The goal would be to enlist partners to help foot the bill for the cost of the printing and each partner will get a 2x2 add in the newsletter or just a listing for $5 a month or $2 a month respectively. It's not advertising per se, just an add or a listing for whatever a person or business would like to tell our list about in exchange for helping support the production of the newsletter.

I'd say it's a pretty high quality thing. It's amazing what one can do with publisher these days.

I had to get a new cell phone. My old phone locked in start up mode. Now, I feel somewhat like a technodunce as ai try to figure out how to do some of the most basic things again. I now realize how I was able to do certain things with such ease that it made my life easier without my even thinking about it. One day this phone will be like that. Then, it will break and I'll be a technodunce again. It's a cycle.

Impacting Poverty
The life station continues to go strong although we are always holding on by a thin thread there. Since hte NAMB pulled most of their support for this vital ministry in the south end the churches and certain individuals of NWOBA have been very faithful to keep the ministry going. People get fed every week because of the generosity of God's people and do not think that these people would not go hungry if it were not for this ministry. I know they would.

Visitation and Sermon writing
Bill, April, and I are going out in a bit and I've got to spend some time sermon writing. I like the schedule of trying to get my sermon mostly written by Wednesday noon time. That way I can talk to God about it for the rest of the week and then finish the polishing on Saturday and I feel ready. This week with Sherri's birthday on Friday, Softball practice, and the block party I'll be tired. I have some other stuff too.

Busy, Busy, Busy Time management
So, here it is then. Just not enough of me to go arround sometimes. Oh, don't worry I'm not depressed about it. I have been at times but it's been a long time now. I'd say over a year. Anyway, I'm not depresed about it. I just prioritize and prayoritize and then do what God really wants me to. The only time it becomes a problem is when I seem to have difficulty figuring out the order of what God wants. That's really not that often I'm grateful to say. So, I'll write the sermon and several min-sermons for the crosswalk. I'll go visiting with Bill, April, and whoever else we can get. I'll get the first of my broken cars back from the mechanic and the next broken car to the mechanic. I'll run with all my might until the sun goes down and probably I'll have nothing left at the end of the day again. Maybe I'll take allergy medicine...My allergies have gotten worse as I've gotten older. And when I sleep I will sleep, not regretting the busy day I've had. All the way through I'll be praying and hoping I'm getting glory for God by my efforts. Fact: You are never, Never, never too busy to do what God wants you to do. Even things that sometimes seem less important are important to Him and you are never, never, never too busy. Set you priorities that way.

Spiritual warfare

I believe the battle is raging in the spiritual realm over souls and I think it's possible that the simple actions we engage in day in and day out have an effect in the battle. I will hope my "struggles" will make a difference. I will look to the future God has prepared for me. I don't mean to sound like I am trying to convince myself. I'm convinced. Sometimes it just helps to put it down on screen ya' know what I mean?

Anyway, anybody out there wants a copy of the newsletter or partner in some aspect of the ministry I just need to know. You can always email me at, message me on facebook, register on our website, or call the church at 4194698808.

We Ain't seen nothin' yet.

Pastor Daniel Stevenson