Thursday, October 30, 2014

wondering where the next miracle will come from

When you are walking in faith and fairly regularly seeing God do things that are almost to awesome to be believed except that they are just true, you stop wondering whether God will continue to remove barriers and do amazing things but. You wonder instead where the incredible thing will come from this time. You think, Well it has to be somewhere that will bring God the necessary Glory. It will be someone or something that there can be no other explanation except that God did it.


You may know what you think the need is but you begin to wonder after only a slight delay whether even that is correct.


I lost my keys last week, As I searched and searched for them I began to second guess myself as to where I had seen them last and how I could possibly have remembered things so inaccurately that I really had no idea at all where they might be.

Then I was searching even the most ridiculous places for the lost keys when there was such a small likelihood that they would turn up that way that I should really have restricted my search to those areas that made sense and I could not because I had lost the trust in myself.


Ultimately the keys were found in a place where I might have suspected but they had been covered by something that I had not move in the original losing of the keys or in the finding and searching.

The bottom line is you van look and look and the more you look the more you are likely to begin to doubt. Soon you are thinking the thing may not come at all. Rather, I think we should focus ourselves on the things that God has done and His blessings and spend time recalling past victories in his strength. This seems like the best course and seems that we will less likely begin to doubt and we know what the bible says about that....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts on purpose

So why were we born? I know the text book answer for believers is to have a right relationship with God and while that is definitely a desired outcome I think it's just to simple an answer.

Then again it occurs to me that the actual answer may be just as simple and even more easily overlooked. Adam and eve were given the "purpose" and don't we often equate our task with our purpose? Anyway they were given the "purpose" of maintaining the garden.
They were to multiply and fill the earth. It is three purpose of the earth to be or place of residence at least for the length of our lives. Therefore it is our purpose to be good stewards of what's been placed under our care. Find a way to keep it and improvise it. Little differences become huge when you realize that this is what you were made for.

Don't like what has become of God's creation or your little piece of it? Work to change it. You are empowered by his to make a difference. If you have accepted Christ you have become an ambassador for him and not only have you been given the task of keeping your little part of the world under His care but you can and are called to recruit others to do the same.

When the world becomes filled with people doing this we will see the true purpose of crayon fulfilled just as we begin to discover our own true purpose.

It can be done in a myriad of ways. Some even seem insignificant. They are not. Do all things as if you do them into the lord means you can do anything that's not sun as if you are doing it for God. So do whatever you do to place the resources God has given you stewardship of under his control.

Make things go his way and you have achieved that which you were created for. It isn't always easy because thanks to Adam our wires got crossed. For have is the opportunity for a fresh start and having taking it we now are free from soon and able to figure as way to spend our lives glorifying him.

So let's do it. Let's submit our self,, or stuff, and our hopes and dreams to God. In Christ you can do it. You are not broken. In Christ you are new and able.

Thank God.

Pastor Dan

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Needs Versus Wants

Thinking about needs met On the 17th of October I sat on the swing in my back yard and thought about how my every need is essentially met. I have lived on this side of the line, the line of having no unmet needs for a long time. In fact, it has been since I accepted Christ. There are just a few real needs in the world. They are the things you would strive for, ache for, if you were stuck in the mountains after a plain crash. They are food, shelter, warmth, clothing, salvation, and loosely, companionship. When you get saved you get the last two permanently. Overcoming evil My team runs a compassion ministry that inserts food and clothing into the lives of the needy. We teach them life skills and give them a place to reach out to when they are in trouble. We call it overcoming evil. See If we are overcoming evil then these evils have been overcome in my life for some time. Still, at times I perceive that I am in need, though I now see that more often than not this is perception not reality. Desires So, then the evil that disqualifies me from absolute contentment is my own desire to have something more than what the Lord has given me. Do I trust Him or not? Now, I am not proposing we stop working for things, to change things, to make our situation and the situation of others better. I absolutely do not believe in a lazy gospel. What I am saying is that we work with another goal in mind. In God's kingdom things go backwardsly-yes I know that's not a word. Here it is. We are saved. We have a destination. Now, we should live accordingly to make our lives line up with our destination. If we shall be that way then, what manner of people should we be now? Born Again In being changed we find ourselves and our methods changed. Make's perfect sense. The more we discover this, being changed as we are changed, the more we are able to ferret out the perfect will of God. Romans 12:2 Man! God is so good. Even when I think I have an unmet need He is busy meeting my real need which is more of Him in me. Contemplate needs versus wants Stop and think. Which of the needs listed above are you lacking in? If you are homeless then do something about it. Let God help you do something about it. Let the people of God help you do something about it. Let's say you have food, clothing, shelter, warmth, clothing, and being saved you have salvation and companionship. Cry out to Jesus! Then when you throw back your head and cry out to God as in Psalm 56:9, do so not for the things you want that are not actually needs but for the needs of others who desperately need these needs met. It's time we got satisfied about the things that we should be satisfied about and got busy fixing the problems of this world. That would be His will done, His kingdom come. Pastor Daniel Stevenson Think Again: Finding Happiness... How To Be a Great GM: Role Playing... Aubrey’s Run: Adventures...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Is America losing the war on Terror?

Terrified There was a time when you could walk in your kids school, when signing in was requested. There was a time when you could volunteer simply by putting your name in a little book. If there is a war on terror then terror is the enemy. Here's the funny thing about being afraid. We say we are taking precautions so we don't have to be afraid when in actuality we are being driven by our fear to do the very things that will perpetuate that fear. Reacting to fear We hide. We run. We plan for ANY eventuality. We limit our liability and reduce our risk. We say we are doing all these things because it is the 'wise' thing to do but in reality we are doing them because we are afraid. We are afraid someone will find us or find us out. We are afraid someone will catch us or stop us from doing something we desire to do or find convenient. We sit and think what might happen and try to devise plans against the feared possibility rather than going out and doing something that will make a difference. Could it be that it is better for a person to die trying than it is for them to try dying? Sure it is. So, why do people insist on sitting around dwelling on, or to proactive enact such precautions that they lose some of who they are rather than to live taking the risk? Answer, Evil has proven itself as just what it claims to be. It has a sort of integrity about itself and a persistence. People will do that which will unsettle us and there are very real proponents of fear in the world. Buying stuff won't make you feel better. Fear sells. It sells anything that resembles safety. People pursue that ever-elusive feeling that you are perfectly okay and there is no one in the world that could change that. Oh, but it's a lie. One way There is only way to have that kind of safety. It is to invest in something untouchable. Jesus called it storing up treasure for ourselves in heaven. I have seen those who know that they are doing just that live as if they are not afraid. I now find myself wondering whether those enemies who hate Christianity, in their blatant attempt to generate fear in the world might not drive people into the hands of God. I suppose it would be more likely if the people of God were less about preparing for every potential bad outcome and more about sticking their neck out for Jesus. Sorry, bad guy. You can't touch anything that will affect me lasting. If you hurt my people I will mourn but not as the world mourns. If you kill me you will inadvertently give me everything I have worked for. In the mean time, I will live unafraid, out on a limb, taking only those precautions afforded me by scripture and safe and free. Are we losing? Are we losing? Have we already lost? Well, when people can no longer be who they are because they are forced to change. The person they were has become a casualty of war. The United States of America that existed before 9/11, came looking for answers after 9/11, and found living for Christ too much work or too confusing, has continued on its merry way, changing almost everything at whatever level the war on terror can penetrate the thoughts and plans of men. Free and brave C'mon, let's show them this is still America the land of the free and the brave. Stop enacting policies that overdo a pursuit of reduced liability. Stop being so careful that you hardly have an opportunity to talk to a stranger any more. Slow down a little and pay attention to what's going on around you- truth is you'll be safer that way. But, don't do it out of fear. Do it out of a concern for your fellow mankind. Then, do the most important thing of all. Let God decide the outcome of tomorrow. Trust Him. He's earned it. Pastor Daniel Stevenson Think Again: Finding Happiness... How To Be a Great GM: Role Playing... Aubrey’s Run: Adventures...