Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy Days

It occurs to me that whenever a person sets themselves out to serve Christ in whatever capacity possible...they will endure crazy days. There's this odd combination of what becomes normal, like scheduled events, and what invades your life, like opportunities to serve Christ. You wind up talking to the girl at the register a little longer than expected and someone calls who has no groceries and you already had a Bible Study scheduled and people are counting on you and you're leaving for the airport at 5:30 AM and there's paperwork to be done and who hugged your kids today? Academically speaking, one should not use that many ands in a sentence. I think Paul-or at least the translation of Paul in the NIV seems to do that but that does not make it good writing, academically. Then again, his run on sentences, as translated into English are the word of God, are really good writing, and prove to be the exception to the rule. So, I used way too many ands... It is a fairly realistic picture of certain days. This would explain why I blog not enough. Anyway, I believe that this is life and life more abundantly. Did I really only live one day since I put these socks on this morning? Can that much stuff get crammed in one day? This is my excuse for why I often do not know the day of the week as readily as I should. Though, I find that this phenomenon happens to many folks. (The forgetting the day thing) So, then, now it's late. I was going to get cleaned up before I get nestled in. And even though the day has seemed so long, i just looked at the clock and was genuinely amazed that it is not much later than it is. Very interesting isn't it... God loves me and that really is all that matters. Stink for God-2 Cor 2:14-21; I like this motto, but Amalya thinks it has issues. God Bless and Good night-stinker... Pastor Daniel Stevenson www.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Hour delays

Two hour delays have become all the rage in our school district for teacher in-service. For me, it throws my whole day out of whack. I wonder if that's true for every parent around. Some probably have to restructure their entire day. I suppose that used to the be the case for whole days off too. Maybe it's better. IDK

Here's a thought-we don't like delays in general. I hate waiting. I know God wants me to wait on Him. I'm just glad that His version of waiting isn't sitting around doing nothing. I get to be busy in the war effort while I wait for Him to reveal Himself completely.

Listen to me....As if God were playing some cosmic game of hide and seek! Nope. He's right here, waiting on us to take notice of His plans and join Him in them. I remember when I was a kid-the guy who wanted to be it would dance around the guy who was it trying to get him to tag him. That wasn't funny.

Then, when he was tagged he would run off after whoever it was that he was trying to punish. In some cases however, the guy who was it didn't want to tag whoever really wanted to be tagged. It made the scene comical as the guy who wanted to be it followed around the guy who was it waiting for him to get tired and finally give in and tag him. Now that's a picture of God and his persistence with people who really don't want to recognize His availability. He's right there waiting for them to get tired of doing it all by themselves and they are refusing to let Him in. Silly.

Your it right now (at least you are trying in some sense to convince yourself that you're it.) God wants to be It. Stop trying to lead your effort and let God do it. Say, Okay God, Tag your It. Let Him lead your effort. Let Him lead everything. He paid the price for it. He's dancing around trying to get your attention. Tag Him. Go ahead. I dare ya...

Pastor Dan Stevenson