Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Redefining Love

Redefining Love: So the short summary is this: When Jesus spoke of love in the sermon on the mount it seemed like He was talking about love redefined. It seemed this way because some folks had spent some time redefining love since God had set the standard in the first place. They had added "and hate you enemies" to the "Love your neighbor as yourself" that God had given them. They had made love not for everyone and not a thing to be done by everyone. In some cases, they had made it just a word to describe a feeling. These are the same shortcomings of the world's understanding of love today. So, it appears to be redefining love when Christians describe it as For everyone (enemies included,) by everyone (as a command and a choice to follow that command,) and equaling acts of compassion not just feelings. To be a Christian, a follower of the Living Christ is to love others this way (including enemies.) This is hard to swallow because the world has taught that there is another kind of love which there isn't. They have redefined love in a sense and then when we get back to the basics of what it means, it's just hard for them to swallow. Don't buy it. Don't give in to the false belief that there is another kind of love or that love is for some and not for others. That definition will die once and for all when there are no more mysteries and those who follow along with it will go that way too. Love like Jesus.