Friday, December 19, 2014

Allegory, Analogy, Algorithm

Okay, I'm going to try to give the snapshot of Allegory, Analogy, and Algorithm from this last Sunday. An Allegory is a story, poem or really any device that conceals a deeper meaning. An analogy is a comparison between two things wiht the purpose of revealing the nature of one or both things. An Algorithm is a process of dealing with certain variables. When a set of steps is automatic when a certain thing occurs that is an alforithm. It's common in mathematics. 2 Sam 14:14 The people of David's day had this understanding despite the lack of full revelation of Gods plan. The woman says (and David does not disagree) that all people die and are spit out and done. God is no respecter of persons meaning all have an end and none are spared or receive special treatment based on their lot in life or their race, age, sex, etc. God however, is a God who devises plans for the banished to return to Him. So the allegory led them to to a conclusion. The allegory was their own life experience, the temple sacrifice, and the scripture which included the histories of their people and spoak about God and His plans. The conclusion was an analogy. The analogy was man's holiness versus God's holiness and the need for a sacrifice but the allegory of the temple revealed that the temple could not be the permanent solution because eventually there would be no way for a temple sacrifice to be made for all people in the world. What's more, the temple sacrifces had to be repeated all the time proving that a future sacrifice of a uperior nature would eventually have to become available. The analogy lead them to the see/understand the algorithm. The algorithm is one perfect sacrifice to end them all, a means devised by God to bring any back to Him that would be willing. All of the previous and all current circumstances point to Jesus and truth about God. So, look deeper, look for the meaning behind the events. I'm not saying to judge people's motivations but to look at what the events of today say about the God of every day. It's his story after all and it always has been. Satan tries to hide the truth behind the allegory and even perhaps fails to see it himself. If you let that revealed truth point you to the comparison between you and God you will see you need a savior. Once you have Jesus as savior you become able to see beyond the veil to some extent, better able to understand the allegory and the truths behind it. Accept Jesus, live in earnest for the Christ. Seek out others who will do the same. Because, we all die. We all re poured out and done eventually. God is no respector of persons. But he does devise means for His banished to return to Him and the one final, perfect means is Jesus! Pastor Dan Stevenon

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Running up bills and paying off debts

I'm thinking this morning about how every act of selfishness and correspondingly every act of kindness is like a pebble, cascading down the slope of time so that a collection becomes a rain and a large group becomes an avalanche until a person is buried under the effect.

There are no real superhumans that can stop bullets or jump in front of speeding cars and even the great power of government fails to legislate proper behavior in society.

However, this avalanche when properly applied results in adjusted behavior as people are carried along or buried under. Therefore, we could actually stop a bullet or perhaps an out of control car by doing acts of kindness now.

We could take this thought one step further by considering how our selfish nature, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life lead us to be focused on collecting and dreaming of our own goals rather than considering how loneliness for example leads a Person to desperation.

Just as with financial principles we would do well to address these issues before they mount up to that avalanche of selfish needs pursued prompts an action by someone that is harmful. In this sense it is logical to assume that almost every evil action could have been prevented with an avalanche of small good deeds conducted, initiated, and/orchestrated before the evil act.

In other words, when a person says I've earned it. And ignores the needs of the less fortunate while giving in to some foolish desire for another quick fix feeling of health like consuming convenience, they have written a check against tomorrow resulting in a tomorrow that maybe leads to even more evil.

And so we moan that things aren't right in the world and it's true. We complain that the problems of today are too big to handle today and it's true. But it's true because they were the problems of tomorrow when today was yesterday and humankind failed to address them or even exacerbated therm by pandering to their own desires.

Bottom line: we should be working today to make a difference for tomorrow not just today. Realized that when we defeat evil even in the form of poverty and/or loneliness, we remove pebbles of destruction and put into motion pebbles of creation so that tomorrow can be a better day.

And Jesus for the joy that was set before endured the cross. He didn't fight against it, grasp for a"better" end or cannibalize those around him. He knew that tomorrow would be better if he denied himself and accepted the cup of wrath himself. He stood fully under the avalanche of evil intention and it killed him but he do not stay dead thereby overcoming evil and death to the point that he secured a great future for all of us at some point. We can see how following that example of denying ourselves on a daily basis could result in a better future for all those we touch. You can make a difference and it can be in the things you often overlook as each is a pebble. Rise up Christian. Rise up. Jesus has made you a visitor in this land to fight against evil and reconcile all those who are willing to be reconciled to God.

Our ultimate future in Christ is certain if we have accepted him. Society's future is heavily affected by present day choices. Change the small things to overcome great big future evils that when the time comes people will feel powerless against. Just being willing to see this possibility should encourage us all to take a stand against evil today.

Suffer a little. Give more than you think you can. Step up for the hurting. Encourage the downtrodden. Even if you don't see it now, know that you are securing a better future.

Pastor Dan Stevenson

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