Friday, April 14, 2023



There is an underdog, he fights for what he believes in, he has continued to stand up against a system he sees as unfair, he will never change, resisting to the very end against what he sees as an oppressive overlord even until he is finally caught and will spend the remainder of his life in torment but will never yield before then despite the obvious fact that he cannot win. 

Sounds good, right? It sounds like the kind of tenacity that humans value. In fact, in some lesser way many would choose to emulate him, wouldn't they? Might they be inspired to rebel against perceived injustice? Might they be inspired to stand for their beliefs and to do so against all odds based on this account alone? Is he not courageous according to this account? 

The devil is an underdog, he fights for what he believes in (his rights to kill, steal, and destroy, his rights to rule and the tainted, wicked worship of the human race towards the false God's he ordains), he has continued to stand up against a system he sees as unfair (humans being  allowed access to God and the good things of life, a system that places him below God's human creation man), he will never change (He will be evil always and the father of lies), resisting to the very end against what he sees as an opressive overlord (God who is love) even until Satan is finally once and for all put down and will spend the remainder of his life in torment but will never yield before then, devouring as many as he can, luring humans into his traps and all this despite the obvious fact that he cannot win. 

I am an underdog. Amongst the human race, and faced with opposition like demons and the world's system. I stand up for my beliefs and I stand up against a system warped by Satan's hatred of God and people's confused emulation of him. I will never change. I have been regenerated by the God of heaven and His Holy Spirit and if I change at all, it will be to be more like Jesus. I will resist even unto my death the tactics of Satan and my true enemies. This I will do knowing that if Jesus does not come again before my time, I will die for my Lord but I will not spend eternity in torment rather I will spend it with God in the place he is preparing for me. This I will do knowing despite any losses I may take, I cannot lose!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Keep Your Word

It is possible to just keep your word. You can do what you said you would do. If what you are considering promising to do is limited by what somebody else does or by circumstances then either don't promise or be very clear that keeping your promise will be dependent upon what someone else does or other circumstances. God's design for a man is that when we say we will do something we will do it. A promise not kept is a lie. However, not making any promises is not healthy either. Jesus was saying don't add anything to your promises to make people believe that you're going to do what you say. Just keep your word. Sometimes it may cost you a lot because you didn't foresee a sticking point. But your word is worth it. Be God's man and let your yes be yes and your no be no, don't add to it to try to get people to believe you, and then live a life that is strong evidence that you will always keep your word. Be determined, be trustworthy, and most important of all, be found faithful. #reachingnewheightsinjesus

P. Daniel Stevenson
Pastor New Heights Fellowship
Director Southside Life Station
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God Sets the Standard of Righteousness

Wickedness and righteousness are decided by God. True righteousness comes through Jesus Christ. But here the Psalmist was saying if we are righteous we have reason to celebrate. So, when you catch yourself doing right be reminded how awesome God our creator is. He made you awesome. You can do right when all the world is choosing to do wrong. Then, you can celebrate just how awesome he made you even if trials arise out of your intentionally making the right choice. As God's men, let's let God set the standard of righteousness and then live accordingly. We will then have great reasons to celebrate. Suggest other men text FWM to 419.419.0095 to receive ongoing encouraging texts for Christian men or simply forward them this text. #reachingnewheightsinjesus

P. Daniel Stevenson
Pastor New Heights Fellowship
Director Southside Life Station
app: life4toledo
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Blessed as God's Man

God's men are blessed. When you see the old testament word "blessed" it is tied to God speaking good things about or of the thing that is said to be blessed . Can you imagine that God would speak good of us? And when He does so, good things happen of course. So, let us be God's men, fearing the Lord and delighting in His commandments. He's got power, so much power that only a fool who deceives himself would not fear (respect) Him. His commands are not only backed up by His power but they are what's best AND they are aimed at taking us to somewhere wonderful He has planned. The fact is, we  cannot get to that wonderful destination He had planned for us by any other means. What difference should it make them, if His commands take us through somewhere difficult since He will be with us and see us through to the other side? Texting FWM to 419.419.0095 will sign any man up for this service.

P. Daniel Stevenson
Pastor New Heights Fellowship
Director Southside Life Station
app: life4toledo
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text NHFBCT to 49775 to get free right now media

Monday, April 10, 2023

Choosing what you stand for

Some will be crucifying and some will be casting lots for the goods. Both are betrayers. One is doing their perceived duty and the other is reaping benefits of the wickedness that is going on in the world during their day. They couldn't stop Jesus from being crucified but they didn't have to benefit in worldly goods by his suffering either. Sometimes we'd be better off vexed. Stand up for what's right but when there is nothing that you can do it's okay to just be angry and sad and call out to God. Seems like it would always be better if we don't benefit by the side-effects of wickedness. There are plenty of ways to do an honest, hard Day's work or to exercise your creativity to get ahead in the world without competing for the trappings of wickedness. #reachingnewheightsinjesus by

P. Daniel Stevenson
Pastor New Heights Fellowship
Director Southside Life Station
app: life4toledo
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text NHFBCT to 49775 to get free right now media

Friday, March 3, 2023

A Narrow Road of Caring

 A narrow road is a road that could be easy to wander off of. Have you ever tried to walk down a long narrow hallway with your eyes shut. The way our eyes adjust our path constantly is a really important piece of how we get from point A to point B. Whenever we start to wander in the slightest we can see the variance almost subconsciously and adjustments are made. 

In Matthew 7:13 Jesus is speaking and this whole thing is during the sermon on the mount and he says. Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 

This statement follows right on the golden rule about treating others as you would have them treat you. This golden run has a pre-clause and  post-clause. The pre-clause is a therefore and I'll talk about that in a second. I'll do it third but in a second. The second clause which is a post-clause is a statement that says that this is the Law and the prophets. In other word, this is what God was teaching us to do. It does not break the law and does not go contrary to God's purposes. That would be enough. 

The pre-clause is a therefore and tells us why we do that. Why does it make perfect sense to treat others the way we want to be treated? It is because we can see that God will give us what is good when we ask Him. This we can see because we, being evil, know how to give good gifts to our own children. 

The road then, which makes perfect sense and fulfills the law and the profits (thanks to Jesus) is to treat others as we would have them treat us AND with that to be VERY intentional and to put in significant effort to get it done. Because you belong to God, your situation is in His hand and because that is so you can walk a narrow road. There is an alternative that is proposed by many who do not trust God and frankly, if I did not trust God I would need to take matters in my own hands (which I would likely screw up quite often). You can work very diligently to treat others as you would like to be treated. You can be loving and kind. Even you can work very hard at it because you are safe. Safe in God's care is a good place to be. #reachingnewheightsinjesus

 I was burned out. I was stuck. God led me to figure things out. This is how He did it. Get some people in your life who are also trying to listen to God and reach new heights in Jesus and if you need a little coaching, I might be able to help. I am nobody, really. But, God is everything and together we might be able to submit to Him as we should. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Act like men


This is one of my favorite verses to remind me that God made me able and I can stand firm. It doesn't mean be hard. It means love unending. Feel free to tell other men about FWM. They can text FWM to 419-419-0005 to join.

There are significant differences between men and women. I'm not going to speak to the differences except to say men should be men. Be on the alert-pay attention, heads up, something is happening. Your response to whatever happens around you must be to stand firm as a follower of Christ. We can love and love more deeply because we are strong in Christ. Indeed this new command which Jesus gave us remains. And accordingly we remain if we walk in love. Real men don't quit. We don't quit loving. We don't quit standing. We don't quit following Jesus. 

The spoiled rotten stubbornness we had a lost person was just our unability to quit standing warped by the devastating effects of the Fall. Your tantrums have no place here but your loving perseverance will serve as constant proof to yourself and to watching world that you are a man and a man following Christ. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Southside Life Station a Summary and a Plea

The South Side Life Station is doing an amazing work in and around Toledo, Ohio. Please spread this literally everywhere as we need all the help we can get. Donate Here: Volunteer Application: Are you in need of Encouragement? Sign up for encouragement Calls Here: Need Food in the Toledo area? Buy books from Fog and Moon? Visit Amaldan Inc. for other interesting ways to support the kingdom advance: Listen to Life 4 Toledo Podcast: Listen to New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church Podcast: Give via text: LSGIVE to 419.419.0095 to give by credit or debit card. Regular Mail: Checks can be mailed to: Life Station Po Box 962 Toledo Ohio 43697 Or New Heights Fellowship 255 Heffner St. Toledo Ohio 43605

Friday, August 20, 2021

Faith over Fear

 We are individually equal because we are individually unique. You can actually be different from every other person by letting the power of God flow thru your experiences, background, and borders. God set these things up so that you might look around for Him. (Acts 17) and having found Him realize He was never far away at all. 

Courage and wisdom are the two sharp edges of a mighty sword that will carve a swath through the enemies of justice and mercy in this day. Flowery I know, but the bottom line is: God's people are supposed to be courageous and wise. Fear Not. Do what you have to do but set the standard as what God says you have to do, not what someone-anyone else says.   
Whether it is New Heights Fellowship Baptists Church of East Toledo or not, you are meant to function as part of a local body of believers. One of our Personal Trainers may be able to help you sort out which body, what is a body and what isn't, or you may just want to listen to the voice of God and let Him point you in the right direction. We are willing. He is patient. But it's time.  

 Worshipping with other believers is just one of many things that we simply miust do and the fact is that wearing a mask all the time, praciticing social distancing, and other COVID enforced activities has caused a side effect of people becoming more distant and less friendly. We MUST not go down that road. 

We must be the embodiment of our father's love and we must be actively learning better how to do so every day. He will bless us as we pour ourselves out for kingdom causes. We must brook no excues and instead choose to live with complete adn unwavering loyalty to our Go adn one another. Love! HUgs must happen, be careful if you must, but hug. Gifts must happen, be cautious but give. Service must happen Be cautious if you want but never, ever quit Denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following daily after Jesus!
Please accept the truth about Jesus Christ and begin anew today to live your life for Him. Then be wise and Courageous in Christ with response to Covid-19 and every other threat that comes along.

Hope to See ya Sunday,

Pastor Daniel R. Stevenson

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Already at work

As I wake up in the morning with the sun streaming through my bedroom window I hear the birds chirping. They are already hard at a day's work finding worms and twigs for nests. They have already eaten breakfast. They do not judge me for having slept in which is good because maybe in my book I am rising early. 

It's the notion that they are already hard at work that catches my mind. I vaguely remember a movie, a John Wayne movie. It seems that at the end of the movie they weren't sure exactly how to close it out. The Hero had triumphed and the wagon train was continuing West. John Wayne told the director he knew just what to do. 

In the final scene of the movie created by John Wayne's authorship, John Wayne's character is sitting at a small round wooden table in the corner of some bar. And unseen character, a voice familiar to those who have been watching the entire story, asks the question, "So, what now?" John Wayne's character stands up and monologues. The gist of that monologue is this.

I don't know for sure where we're going now or what's going to happen but one thing I do know for sure. When we get there we will find God has already been there and is already hard at work. Fade scene. 

So, that's the beginning of my day. I can't say I know exactly where it's going to go but I know I'll find God there already working. If God eats breakfast then it would be safe to say he's already eaten. If I simply follow his leading and trust him and his preparations then I can know in my heart of hearts that everything has been taken care of. 

I thank Him as my head leaves my pillow. I have a lot to thank him for and I can never do a good enough job but he seems to like it because every time I get up and head into the unknown of my day I find he has already been hard at work and I am always pleased with his craftsmanship.

So, let's get up and see what God has been working on. Ooh, maybe He'll let us help.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 It's true the church has a number of issues-not the least of which is we all come from bad stock. Well, not really. We come from Jesus now but before that we came from bad stock.

 Okay, so, sorry Mom and Dad. It's not that you are bad or that you were not good for me. Well, actually it is that you were bad but don't take it personally. I mean, we were all bad, right? 

So, maybe my parents were absolutely perfect and I'm just a dirt bag that fell far from the tree. But, the bottom line is-I wasn't a good man. How I got there doesn't matter all that much but it seems to be the disposition (the Bible calls it flesh nature) of all people. 

Since coming to Christ, Since believing and being recreated, we're better. Still, it seems like having come so far, we have so far to go. We are complete but even in our completeness we seem to find every way to emphasize our lack. 

Our righteousness is found in Him alone and as the door to the sheep fold he guards us but we still have in here with us what we brought in - which is us. An old us and better- a new us but 'us' none-the-less. 

The problem with the church is people. That's why we needed to be born again. Well, in all fairness it is only one of the reasons but here we are born again and fondly reminiscent sometimes of who we were. Be new, we teach. That old guy though, he wasn't so bad was he?

Your righteousness is as filthy rags. Yep, that's bad. 

The church is the people among whom people are authorized to leave their old self behind. It is us cutting out the bad behaviors one at a time and if there are some we never get around to, well, so be it. It is us knowing that we are better together than alone. It is so easy to buy the lie that you are better off alone. But, it is just that. It is a lie. 

We are precious living stones, flaws and all, being built into a precious temple in which He lives. 

Let us mess up. Let us fall, fail, flirt with temptation when we shouldn't, and barely make it another day to do the kingdom work. Let us do all that and more as a bunch of screw ups who love God back as we have discovered He loves us. That works for me. 

It's His righteousness that saves, not mine. 

Thank God for the church. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Righteousness video

This short video on Righteousness might interest someone who is actually trying to live for God. Praise God He allows us to walk uprightly before Him with His assistance. His Grace is amazing.

Thanks for turning your ear in my direction but of course my real desire is that we should all turn our ear in the direction of the Lord. Lead us Lord, we pray, In Jesus' name, Amen,

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

50 years old and considering time

So, now I'm 50.

I don't see how it matters much. Even though things on my body sag more than they used to and I've got hair where I don't even think hair should need to grow from, I really don't think it matters all that much.

I've got a pretty good idea where I've been as much as a an whose eyes have been opened by God and who thinks about such things can. I mean I think so. I have a pretty good idea where I'm going even I can only imagine what it will be like when I get there.

Jesus as master craftsman.

I have a very full life with lots of activity and very real choices that have to be made about getting down on the floor and playing with my daughter or letting the kids and grandchildren (her nephews) do that. She wants them more than she wants me at times like that but I think it is important and so here goes...

Ironically, something about energy conservation, better diet, hydration and sleep I think makes me more qualified to "get down" than I was when I was in my twenties. My legs shake less now. My bones definitely feel more brittle and I am stronger (perhaps that should have been -but I am stronger-but I am reluctant to edit it.)

Time is the single rarest commodity, cannot be purchased, no matter the amount of wealth that is offered, it is like love in that, but is dispensed with at a whim-unlike love.

Love goes the wayside all to often, primarily because at that time something else seems more important. IE, I broke up with her for another girl or I broke up with her because she was smothering me....Time on the other hand.

We dispense with time like no amount of waste matters when the opposite is true. It is the single rarest commodity there is and yet we waste it. Perhaps that is part of why it is so rare. If you've got a dream your busy but so many people don't have dreams, only pipe-dreams. Many humans have things they would like to see come true but are not interested in putting in any efforts to make sure they do come true unless those efforts are at the finish line (and they are still strong like at the start line.) However, finish lines come at the end of long races with much racing already done.

Life is not a sprint. Accomplishing significant things that you've dreamed of-also not a sprint.

If you spring a marathon you lose. Worse, you may lead others to do the same and there ya go...

So, let's guard our time and spend some of it on things that really matter like investing in our kids, while we also invest the appropriate amount in make a dream come true.

Oh, and by the way, a real dream, a dream that is worth investing in, helps others, loves, and encourages greatness in those around us. A real dream advances the kingdom of God. Any other dream is destined to turn into a nightmare as we face God and answer that all-important question, what did you do with the time I gave you?

He already knows the answer as things stand now but He is willing to help us change it if we cry out to Him.

God, help me use my time wisely, In Jesus' name, amen

Pastor Dan

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

okay,So New Heights is in the middle of a six month emphasis on writing a Journal and I'm realizing that as a writer I am really bad at writing a journal. I love writing and I can make stuff up on the fly, but I just never seem to get around to writing in my journals consistently. As a reader of my blog you probably already knew this. want to. I know I can. I just don't get around to it as often as I should. I have resolved to do better. Along with a lot of people at New Heights.

This journey with God has been an incredible one. He has done so much. I feel like l would be hard-pressed to do justice. But the reality is that writing a journal is a spiritual discipline and if I wasn't putting in some serious effort I doubt it would do me or anyone any good.

 So, as I sit here trying out new technology wishing that it would be an excuse for overcoming the hurdle, I realize instead that there hurdle is the very thing that I stand to gain from the effort. I am to be reminded that I am able. Because I am able and because God wants me to-I shall.

 The spiritual discipline of writing a journal is putting something down, It is an effort to encapsulate the thoughts of the day in words that make sense to me now and that may help me get an overview later as to what is really happening. Since it's not over yet and I can see the basic value of better understanding what's happening I cannot deny the logic.

 So I will set parameters as is done with all disciplines and of we go...

Friday, August 30, 2019


This morning I find myself contemplating the concept of resistance. There's a million places my mind can go on this topic and I feel reasonably certain that return from most of those places could be safely accomplished. :)

However, I am lead to think first about a particular incident that seems to provoke me.

The details of the event are a little painful to recount and the Internet is unforgiving and some form of long lasting and so I will not recount them. However, I will tell you that they lead me to thinking about how we think we are in charge even when we aren't.

With God, it is that we are able to make seemingly every day to day decision and expect that we are only doing what we think is right even when in fact we are not even doing what we think is right. Did you get that? Did I get that?

We make the decisions based on the day to day impetus which usually includes our desires and we don't take into account the unknown which is not actually unknown by God and actually cannot truly be taken into account by us because it is by its very nature, unknown. But some of that right there isn't entirely true, is it?

Not taking into account the unknown when it is unknown by us and known by someone else is actually not taking into account that the someone else knows the unknown. It is defined as not deferring to them. So, for example, if our enemy know ours weak spot and we do not, we must guard that which we do not know. We know that our enemy knows what we do not know and that to guard what we do not know is not really doable and so we should choose to avoid the fight if at all possible. To not avoid it would be to more than risk getting hit where it hurts, rather it would be to guarantee the outcome.

Ah, here's the rub. By the great complexity of the human mind, we are actually able to take into account that which we do not know. We can plan for the unknown to jump up and bite us in the behind. We have become so good (or some would say bad at it) that some people spend their entire time embroiled in the effort. This we call anxiety.

It is also called anxiety to face with indeterminate resolve the fact that you do not know the unknown. People panic. They panic because they do no know what will happen in a certain eventuality when in actuality if there ever was a time to panic it would be just the opposite time- when we do know with certainty the outcome and wish with all our heart to avoid it and know that we cannot avoid it. This is entirely different from stressing over not knowing the outcome.

Why is all this writing talking more about anxiety than it is about resistance which was the beginning topic? I was just thinking that and so I typed it. :) You read it and accordingly, you were just thinking it right after you read it.

Oh, if only life were that easy. But while we are making day to day decisions there are those who both want to and can actually be effective at swaying those decisions. The truth is that the more someone can sway the decisions of another the more they may be able to get what the desire. So, manipulating someone else becomes one possible road to the success of meeting your own desires. Still not there yet?

So, everyone has desires (1 John 2:6). Then, everyone inherently learns that manipulating others is one of the fastest ways to fulfill their own desires. If everyone has desires one of the easiest ways is to persuade them that a course of action will meet the demands of their desires. So, then the desires of an individual become the motivation for swaying others (get what you want) and the swaying is done by bringing to light unfulfilled desires and persuading them that their unfulfilled desires can be fulfilled by taking the steps that you propose.

Human desire becomes the motivator, the arena, the weapon, and ultimately, the master.

That which a man gives into essentially masters him. At least for a time. So, both the man who is doing the manipulating and the man begin manipulated are mastered by their desires. It's a vicious cycle that stops almost nowhere. The very same person that is manipulating his kids to get them to behave or to get them to get good grades which he determines will be good for them is in turn being manipulated by his boss, coworkers, etc. Moreover he is being manipulated by the desired outcome, feeling compelled to take whatever steps are necessary to entreat his children to do what they should. He will be distraught when he thinks his efforts are bordering on futility and delighted when they seem to be panning out.

Some, many, in fact, figure out that others are trying to manipulate them and they become cynical, jaded. They determine not to listen to anyone about anything but the best manipulators have tactics for that as well. They organize and can set the scene so that those who encountered by a genuinely nice person who wants to help them are so cynical that they won't give them the time of day. But the same resistant person will one instance later be persuaded to by something that they don't need in order to fulfill some desire that they have or haven't even realized that they have. They think they know and thinking they know becomes their downfall. They have a need to think they know and that need like all others can be manipulated.

Being a bit skeptical isn't necessarily a bad thing. If someone or something is leading you toward some inappropriate course of action you must resist. OOOp, there it is. We are finally getting somewhere.

Should we resist? Are their healthy things to resist? Can we submit and resist at the same time? Resist one and submit to the other? Resist and submit to the same person at the same time?

I'm not really going to answer any of those questions. They were meant to be food for thought and then I was tempted to take them as an outline and answer them but I'm going to resist.

Here's what is true. We were created in the image of God and so are by nature rulers. Rulers govern their surroundings. However, due to original sin and the resulting depravity we are at odds with creation. We want and sometimes go without because we are at odds. Without getting into it too deep-I want to, I really do, but I'm going to resist- the original sin of mankind was when man ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil when God told them they shouldn't.

Here's a side question for thought: Was it that Adam and Eve were going to be allowed to eat of the tree after, later? Or was it always going to come down to a choice between the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. No evil in heaven so no need of knowledge of it there...follow?

So, they ate, had their eyes opened and recognizing their nakedness, were ashamed. Needs, beyond the provision of God were now felt. These needs would now become the driving motivators for life (life outside the garden, life away from God, and life struggling to master that which now threatens to master them and had never before been a problem. Fast forward and here we are.

So, if unfulfilled desires have become the arena, the tool, and the object of resistance all at the same time then we MUST resist. However, its almost impossible to resist as I showed in the example of the vigilant skeptic that I shared above. Well planned or consistent resistance only results in giving in to those who have a much better tactic for overcoming your resistances. Most people seem to come down somewhere on the side of passive resistance blossoming occasionally into passive aggressive resistance.

By this I mean-and I don't want to get distracted here- they work to resist without making resistance a big deal and then occasionally become actively resistant while trying not to become overly obviously resistant. They feel justified in doing things that are almost aggressive to show that they are resistant but not things that are flat out obviously opposite. Slam the pots and pans, huff, make snide comments while on the surface giving in so that the person they feel is responsible "gets a hint" that they disagree strongly and are only supposedly giving in because they have no choice. This vaguely satisfies their need to feel like the are in charge and wars in the arena of desires in an effort to make the other person feel like they have an unfulfilled desire even while they are getting their way.

All this programmed resistance stems at least in part from the break between us and the world. God, and each other that was the outcome of the original sin. People are in depravity. They are driven by their desires. The only solution, the only chance of winning this war, the only chance of walking away from this conflict, is to do just that.

Deny yourself, daily take up your cross, and follow after Christ.

How do we make the big leap from being mastered by (as a tool or as a tool being used against you all the while living in the arena of it) your unfulfilled desires?

God knows the outcome. Remember, how I said, its a fool who doesn't take into account the unknown? I know I didn't say that exactly, but you got that right? It's also a fool who gets wrapped up in trying to take into account the unknown which they don't know. God does know.

So, submit the unknown to Him because He knows it. It removes the anxiety.

Submit the outcome as to whether your desires are fulfilled or not to Him. Deny yourself daily.

Most of what we have been programmed by the world's system to think we need we don't actually need anyway.

Then as we are mastered by Jesus we master the arena of our desires. We are focused on our cross. We take it up, not the bad things in life that we have to deal with but the end of life always in view as we live our daily lives. After the cross I'm going to be with Him forever and in light of this suddenly I'm free here and now.

His will, not my will be done takes on real meaning for me. Its what Christ prayed and as it becomes my prayer, I finally leave the arena, I drop My weapons, and I experience real victory.

You are not defined by your desires. They just outline and entrap a you that was not the you God intended for you anyway.

Be free. Resist everything else by NOT resisting God. Turn over once and for and again and again if necessary the anxiety that rises within you. Come follow Him and then you shall know that truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Other Ways to Connect With Me or Our Ministry

Here is a grouping of information that someone might find useful.
Please connect up with me by any and all of these ways. P.Dan

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Psalm 111 Acrostic Paraphrase

Psalm 111-English Acrostic
(Written by NHF attendees August 18, 2019)

All of my heart gives thanks to the Lord,
Before and between the company of the upright and in the assembly.
CONSIDERABLE are the works of the Lord;
Delightful are they which leads to studying them.
Each of His works are splendid and majestic;
Forever His righteousness endures.
God made His wonders to be remembered;
He is gracious and compassionate.
In response to their fear of Him, He has provided for them;
Jesus will remember His covenant forever.
Known to His people, He has made the power of His works,
Leaving them the heritage of the nations.
My God’s works are truth and justice;
None of His precepts are unsure.
On and on they are upheld forever.
Performed are they in truth and uprightness;
Quittance He has sent to His people.
Really, He has ordained His covenant forever!
Sanctified and awesome is His name;
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Untainted understanding have all those who do His commandments.
Verily I say to you, His praise endures forever.