Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Overcoming fatigue

I'm hot, sweaty, a little sun burnt and a little sore. However, today I have been kind. Though hurried I have been giving. We went and gave. We sought out the lost. For that fact, I may be sweaty, a little sun bunt, hot, or sore, but I shall never be the same.
Go King Jesus!

Pastor Dan Stevenson

Monday, May 23, 2011

Forty-Six days left!

46 days to what?

So, about six months ago God laid upon my heart a thing. We have affectionately dubbed it the 7-7-11 vision. It is a vision of what the ministry will be on 7-7-11. I 'm not sure about the whole thing really but I know it is a call to be something more than we have been.

Forty six days to 7/7/11

7-7-11 is forty-six days (if I'm counting correctly) away. It is a certain thing that if we arrive at that date and the goals have not been reached and we have not done all that God has allowed us to to fulfill the goals-then we will feel responsible. We must get the gospel out and show people that we love them. At that time of year when most people are making all kinds of plans to get too busy for God a number of New Heightsers or New Heightsians or New Heights peoples or whatever are making plans to get busier than ever for Christ.

Eighty outreach events in Forty-Six days
Over 80 outreach events most of which are servant evangelism type events are now scheduled with one lead persons name assigned for each event and the details (time, place, type of events recorded on a master calendar with other church events.

Eighty outreach activities in 46 days! Is that not a God thing? The whole thing will culminate with an outdoor service on 7/7/11 at which we hope to baptize a number of folks. Who knows what's actually going to happen? Well, God of course!

We are Reaching New Heights in Jesus!

Pastor Dan Stevenson

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Everything is essentially worth what someone would pay for it. Time is no exception. The problem is you can not buy time. You are not qualified to deal in such things. Even if you pay someone to do something so that you have more time to do something else you can not control other variables that might result in more time needed.

Life can last. Because of Jesus I will have enough time. Though time may run out on certain things, I can be certain that I have accomplished what the Lord has arranged for me to get done if I am genuinely seeking to walk with Him and in Him every day.

This I want to do.

What would I pay for it if I could? My everything. Simply, my everything. And so, I do not find Jesus' words "If any many should want to be my disciple he must deny Himself, take up his cross and follow after me," very offensive at all. I would gladly pay you yesterday for a single nacho today-cause it's gone and I can't do anything about it anyway. But for tomorrows I would pay everything!

Go King Jesus-he paid it all.

Pastor Dan Stevenson