Monday, October 1, 2012

Count The Cost, not Set The Price

Count The Cost, not Set The Price There is a difference between "cost" and Price." As a noun a cost and a price are essentially the same. They both mean that the thing in question will be traded for the required amount of resources. ie. It costs $1 or the price is one Dollar. However, "Price" can also be a verb. You "cost" an item in your garage sale you price it so people will no how much to pay. Count The Cost, not Set The Price So, here's the problem. People want to determine how much salvation and being a member of the Kingdom of God costs. They want to price it. They'll even take salvation as they can control the price. Sorry, the price has already been set and indeed paid. The cost of salvation is one righteous man dying for sins he did not commit. Jesus did this. Price paid. Now, when people make a point of saying, Okay God, "I'm in. I'll follow you but don't mess with my money" or, "Let me handle my relationship decisions." They are telling God that they are not willing to give their all to be His. Jesus warned, "Count the cost, If any man does not hate his mother etc. he can not be my disciple-now of course the word here means to despise in comparison. Basically, he's saying in comparison to Jesus-nothing else may compare. Count The Cost, not Set The Price Choose Him above or you do not have Him. That's it. It really doesn't seem that complicated but when we get our personal preferences in there and start thinking about whether we can really submit every last thing to Him it starts to seem difficult or complicated. Nope. It's Jesus above all or Jesus not at all. Here's the beauty of it. Jesus also said that that which was commended into His hand would never suffer loss. So, concerned about your money, put it in His hand. Concerned about your time, put it in His hand, Concerned about your relationships, put them in His hand. Put things in His hands and they will not suffer loss. Know the price, Count the cost. Count The Cost, not Set The Price