Monday, February 2, 2015

Empty Praise and Spiritual Warfare

When you are in a conversation on spiritual matters especially one that borders on evangelism or might call the other person to repentance beware of praise. It has been my experience that 'empty' praise is a defense mechanism. It is orchestrated by the enemy in the situation to set you back and slow you down. If you glance over it and do not give the glory to God you look petty and as if the conversation is somehow about how neat you are. If you give the glory to God at every empty praise then you will slow the conversation down and perhaps be distracted or the person you are talking with will be distracted. It feels good to be praised by those we are talking to but better we put a stop to it and stay focused on what we are about. Remember Peter imploring Jesus. He told Jesus how awesome He was and that it should never be allowed that HE would be sent to die. Jesus answered, 'Get thee behind me Satan.' Bottom line is, if you need praise, you aren't ready for evangelism or at least you have forgotten what evangelism is about. If you love the Lord an allow Him to use you there will come a time when the enemy tries to use praise to slow you down. Do not allow it. Pastor Daniel Stevenson New Heights Life Station Toledo